Trisalis commenced operations in the 1990s, originally as a branch of Alphamed Pty Ltd, with the distribution of consumer brands in the South Pacific markets. Over time, in addition to distribution, Trisalis increasingly focussed on the sales and marketing promotions of selected brands in these South Pacific markets, within the household care, personal care and beauty categories.
Trisalis developed the promoted portfolio of products via independent licensing of exclusive brands and own brand/product development. As of 2016/17 these products were housed within a separate company ‘Trisalis’ to drive business growth, not only with a growing innovative portfolio, including foods, but also geographical expansion to new regions.
Over time, Trisalis has expanded its portfolio of healthcare products into beauty, personal care, foods for health and household care. We operate in Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, Fiji and the South Pacific.

Our Values

Our Operations and Partnerships

Trisalis Pty Ltd has an office and a certified warehouse in Seven Hills (NSW, Australia) from where products can be consolidated and dispatched.
We have affiliated companies and partners in Australia, New Zealand, Asia Pacific, India, Europe and the South Pacific region to provide extensive customer coverage for sales, marketing, education, as well as for distribution & logistics in the region.
All our internal processes are according to high governance standards and dynamic SOPs, so as to maintain our high-quality management systems and cost-effective supply solutions.
We have partnerships with a wide range of suppliers who are certified. We source from all over the world and are open for new partnerships.

Our People

Underpinning Trisalis’s capabilities are individuals with substantial functional, global experience, as well as strong health and beauty and commercial backgrounds, and networks in both the FMCG and pharmaceuticals industries.
Included in the team are professionals with qualifications and experience in FMCG, pharmaceutical industries, health and beauty, and retail across broad distribution channels – grocery, pharmacy, department store, DDS, convenience, health food stores and direct sell. With substantial experience in numerous multi-national companies in strategy and new business development, we have a long history of operational excellence across product development, market research and analytics, sales and marketing, and distribution/logistics functions.
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